Thursday, December 11, 2014

Kitchen Aid Stand Mixer

Kitchen Aid Stand Mixer This is the quint essential item that one needs to truly be on their way to baking. I love my KicthenAid stand mixer. The motor started to sound a little funny the other day when I was mixing bread, and I almost started to cry because I was scared it would break. You might be thinking, "can't I just use a hand mixer, I already
have one, and their cheaper." Sure, you can use one. But, when you start to bake more frequently, not just the regular chocolate chip cookies or box cake mix. You will want something that frees you hands to be prepping other things. It also has so many attachments. For pasta, grain mill, juicer, and an ice cream maker.

A few of things I make all the time, that my stand mixer is a pro at:

Peppermint Cookies and Cream Ice Cream

Tiramisu (Zabaglione Custard)

Cookies, of all kinds

Cake and Cupcake Frostings, mainly buttercream

They have them in so man different colors, there is one for every personality and color preference. I found that Bed Bath and Beyond has the best selection of colors. And, since Bed Bath and Beyond mails out 20% off coupons every other day, you can save 20%!

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