Thursday, December 11, 2014


My whole life I have been skinny. People always comment on how I eat like a horse, but stay so skinny. I always thought it was my stellar job of working out. But come to find out, it is because I have a hyperthyroid. Which means my metabolism is racing out of control all the time. It means a lot of other things too.

1. My resting heart rate is around 110
2. I am always shaky; hands, legs, arms
3. I do not sleep well at night, so I am always tired
4. I have no period.
5. Anxiety can come on very quickly, and for no apparent reason.
6. My hormones are out of control, so I am depressed one minute and filled with excitment the next.
7. My body is aging more quickly because everythgin is working so hard because my thyroid is producing to much hormone, and working against the rest of my body.
8. Bugged out eyes
9. Swollen thyroid. Which is visible. It's not just swollen on the inside.

I found all of this out on november 1, 2014. Which was 2 sided: 1. I was glad to finally have an explanation for the way I was feeling. 2. It is a lifelong disease, and I do not want to be on medication forever. I will always have to make monthly trips to the doctors to see how I am doing.

In the past 3 weeks, I have been coping fairly well. the doctor said no exercise and no babies. So in the mornings I have been walking and/or yoga. Which feels really good. I always hated yoga. And I am still not excited to do it. But at least I am now noticing the benefits of it (my husband said my legs are looking great lately).

My heart rate has slowed down, and my heat flashes are completly gone. The shaking is almost completly gone. But my mood swings are still in full effect, and the medication makes me itchy. Really really itchy. I have my first follow up appt on saturday. He will check my bood work to see if my T3 and T4 levels are getting back to normal.

Eventually my thyroid will have the opposite effect and just stop working. It will over work itself into the grave. And then I will have to take medication to fake my body into thinking there are thyroid hormones being produced. Which is why many people with a hypothyroid struggle with their weight. Sweet, something to look forward to, NOT! My mo had a hyperthyoid until she was30, and then hers stopped and she gained 30 pounds in 1 year. But 10 years ago the Lord healed her.

Since I have been diagnosed with this, I have had her and my husband lay hands on me for healing. Yes, I want God to heal my thyroid. And I know He can. In the meantime, I beleive there are other parts of me that he is healing. The doctors orders have caused me to slow down, to learn how to have self control with food. And to moderatly exercise. Before, I would run 5 miles in the am in anticipation of the large quantity of food I would eat that day. God is working in me, and the best part is, I am loving it!

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